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Customer data safety

Use Handshake® for your online payment service. Get in touch to see how we can integrate Handshake® into your website, payment system, secure facility or general business and show your clients that their privacy and security is at the fore-front of your company philosophy.

Business owners

Take the step of including Handshake’s online payment service as a valuable addition to either your online presence, or your face-to-face payment process.  Relieve your business of the responsibility and cost of safely storing customer credit card details.  Secure yourself from the possibility of hacking or theft of such material and safeguard your business reputation.

Partner with Handshake®, the innovative and secure B2B digital payment service.

Website developers

Recommend this online payment process to your clients and install it on their websites.

Call our experts to learn more about the technology underpinning Handshake® and its